Tops Tips For Installing A Car Seat Correctly

Once the right car seat is chosen it is time to tackle the task of installing it properly. It can be a daunting task and experts say that between 70 and 90 percent of parents make big mistakes during the installation process. Take some time to read more of the information below to learn the top tips for installing a car seat correctly,

Location is Very Important.

The location of where the car seat is installed is very important and many factors should be considered before starting the installation process. The car seat should never be installed in the front seat because the back seat is much safer. One of the safest spots to install a child’s car seat is rear facing in the middle of the back seat.

Read The Manual.

Reading the manual provided with the car seat is extremely important because it lists vital tips and information that will guide parents through the installation process. It is also very helpful to read the vehicle manual to determine the best place for installation of the car seat. The information in vehicle manual will show parents where proper latches are located in the back seat of the car.

Choose The Proper Direction.

It is extremely important for parents to consider the proper direction for the car seat to be installed. Toddlers should stay in rear-facing seats until they are about two years old or sometimes older to keep them as safe as possible. The latest all in one car seat models will have clear directions on the base to show parents where to thread the seat belt for the rear and front facing options.

Request Help From an Expert.

Most parents get very overwhelmed once they begin the process and are often very shocked at the mistakes they make while installing a car seat. Experienced safety technicians are available to provide inspections to show parents exactly how to keep their children as safe as possible. The experts are committed to providing life-saving advice, guidance and safety checks to help parents avoid the common mistakes made during the installation of a car seat.