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How to Keep off Pelvic Pain in Walnut Creek

Every woman will agree that having a pain in the abdomen is painful. This can be extreme especially if there is pelvic pain or infection. This draws her attention and she cannot possibly concentrate on anything else, which could ruin her relationship or career. The situation is worse when the discharges affect her esteem. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is not abnormal to have abdominal problems, though. Several other women in the world experience the same problem. However, being part of many people living with the condition should only encourage you to find a cure. You can find the best doctors to help you deal with female incontinence in Walnut Creek.

What’s the cause of the pelvic pain?

This is the spontaneous leakage of urine. It results from the movement physical movements made by a person which push the bladder to the extent that it cannot hold urine anymore. Such movements may include laughing, sneezing, coughing, jogging or even lifting weights. The condition results from the weakening of muscles that are supposed to be supporting the bladder.

Women are likely to suffer this condition after childbirth. When a woman is giving birth, she might end up weakening the urinary sphincter and this means urine will be free to move at the slightest provocation. Some of the other factors that could lead to this condition include hysterectomy, ageing, too much weight as well as pelvic surgery. It is then strengthened by smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol consumption as well as hormonal imbalance.

Pelvic pain? See the cure!

If you are living with stress incontinence, you should not feel embarrassed about it anymore. At least, this is a condition that is common and you can always get treated. Talk with the best tract infection specialist in Walnut Creek and you will be treated. To manage the condition, use the following tips!


If you change some of your behaviors, you can end up treating stress incontinence. Some of the behaviors that need to be changed include working out especially on exercises that target the muscles around the pelvic. Then, work on reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume as well as biofeedback and neurostimulation. Also, you will need to get ripped, stop smoking, come up with a schedule that supports regular toilet trips and then treat chronic sneezes.

Use a surgery

Severe conditions might call for a surgery. Such surgery targets to strengthen the neck of the bladder and support the balder to hold urine for long.

Urinary devices

Sometimes, the woman can simply insert a special tampon-shaped device that supports the bladder’s opening. This prevents the leakage, and also gives the woman some more time to get to the toilet before she can ‘mess’. It’s a healthy method for you to use.

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