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Some of the Most Common Uses of the Whizzinator

If you have no idea what the Whizzinator does, for starters, it is one that can expel urine that is fake. When you look at the fake urine that is found in the Whizzinator and then assess it further, you will find out that the urine is one that is a mixture of water and a combination of different inorganic and organic substances with the likes of sulfates, urea, chloride, phosphate, and creatinine. This combination of synthetic urine is usually being used in the laboratory. Even if on a physical and chemical level, real urine and synthetic urine are more or less the same, the only difference that you will most likely notice is the fact that synthetic urine has no absence of any strains of waste that you can typically find in real human urine. Basically, this means that for purposes that cannot afford being threatened by infectious and hygiene diseases, then it is best that synthetic urine will be used. Aside from the obvious, you can see that the Whizzinator and synthetic urine still have other uses and they are as follows.

Equipment calibration: One of the uses of synthetic urine will have to be in doing some calibrations of the various urine testing equipment that one might have. It is a big no-no to make use of real urine as they will have varying concentrations and compositions due to various factors that are never found in synthetic urine.

Education: For some health care professionals working in the lab, they need to be experts in conducting several clinical testing methods such as urinalysis and hence the need for synthetic urine to help them practice these methods. There are also other scientific methods that you can employ with using synthetic urine.

Another use for synthetic urine includes using it for diaper testing. It will be hard to collect real baby urine to test out diapers and so synthetic urine can serve its purpose of testing the quality of diapers. Synthetic urine is capable of letting the manufacturer know how durable the diapers they are making.

Another use of synthetic urine is checking out how effective cleaning agents are. A lot of people that engage in the business of cleaning agents make sure to buy this product as they know that they will be able to show their being effective to their clients much better. If you look at the current cleaning agent market, the cleaning agents being used to clean furniture and carpets are those that will be sampling synthetic urine most of the time.

Passing your drug test could be another use to having the Whizzinator with you. The Whizzinator has long been used for both men and women to be able to pass their drug tests. When you will be using the Whizzinator to have the drug test, the urine that will go through the sample is synthetic so you are assured that you cannot find any drug traces in it.

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