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Best Large Breed Dogs to Have for Your Family

There are many options if you want to have your own large dog breed to become your family pet. But if you choose a home for your dog, make sure that your place is larger than their size so that they freely roam around the house. But if you want to pursue your large dog breed, make sure that your home is large and has an existing big backyard or country living can be ideal, too. You need to remember that these large dogs are actually fond of older kids and are very sociable.If you allow small children to play with them, they might accidentally knock over the kids. That is why once you have decided for your breed of large dog, it is important to learn everything about the dog. Being an owner of a large dog is a lifetime commitment because you will be guiding and teaching your dog the right manners especially when it comes to socializing and to also prevent any injuries. If you are greeted with a small and large dog, make sure you are prepared with the latter.

It is a fact that large dogs consume food more so it will be costly on your part. Large dogs must also have a balanced lifestyle and health just like any regular dog that is why need to feed them high quality food. Large dog breeds are known to be rougher when they play with their toys so make sure that you only purchase big, sturdy and durable toys.

Afghan hound is one of the types of these large dogs and they have been considered to be like a cat because they love to be petted and even lay down for a nap. Children of all ages will surely love this breed since they are known to show off and clown around all the time. In terms of loyalty, these dogs are extremely loyal.

If you want a dog for your older children, have a German Shepherd raised together with them. Training this breed must begin as early as possible and the same goes with the socialization process and lastly, make sure that you have a yard that is largely fenced. n terms of loyalty and intelligence, they are extreme, too.

If you want to have a cuddly dog just like a bear that is best for children and are also protective, a Newfoundland is the breed for you. Since this dog is very calm and tolerant nature, any family will appreciate it very much. Just don’t forget to have your fences secured.

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