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Portable Green Screens: Everything You Need to Know

When you think about video production, you imagine cameras, lighting, expensive sets, and complicated software. However, one of the most underrated ways to give your videos a boost is to use a portable green screen. Yes, the same green screens you see on the weather channel. They make it easy to include the background of your choice in your videos. While you are filming, it’s a simple matter of standing in front of the screen. Afterward, use a straightforward editing tool to add the background.

Emphasize Portability When You Buy

Regardless of the type of videos you produce, portability will make things easier on you. It’s not too difficult to find a portable screen if you shop around a little. If you find yourself needing to film at a moment’s notice in a poorly lit or otherwise difficult location, having your green screen with you will definitely come in handy.

Green Screens Provide Flexibility

Don’t overlook the added flexibility of a green screen. Put yourself in the shoes of a traditional cinematographer, and imagine how nice it would be to have any background at all in your film without having to create a new set. Being able to include more than one setting in your videos in such an easy way is priceless. What’s even better, it can be done from a single filming spot. This technique also avoids having to schedule outings to different places in order to achieve different settings.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Of course, the most obvious benefit of using a portable backdrop is the amount of money they save. It’s also possible to accomplish this without skimping on quality. You can also save significant amounts of time, since you can potentially shoot just one video, yet apply numerous backgrounds to it. Without the screen, you would have had to film the same thing several times and perhaps even travel to a different setting. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about unexpected weather, heavy traffic, or other unforeseen accidents that could ruin your filming.

Green Screens Make it Easy to Be Consistent

A common concern in video production is continuity problems that can make your films seem less professional. Such problems are particularly magnified when more than one location is involved in the film. In the case of traditional filming, any travel requirements make it hard to duplicate certain conditions in the new location. In addition, your green screen means you have total control over lighting. In general, you’ll have more fine-grained control of your video’s visuals.

As you can see, portable green screens can be indispensable. When you use them with the right mindset, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your work without reducing its quality.

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