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Reasons for Raising Awareness on STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases have been on the rise for many years.This may be due to the increase in irresponsible sexual behavior in the society. This increase is what that lead to the creation of an awareness month during the Congressional Resolution of 2009.

This month was meant to help in raising awareness and help in fighting them. Did you know that April is STD awareness month?Statistics show that young adult from the age of 15 to 24 are the most affected.

They are treatable in some cases and are controllable in others only under early detection.Information about STD is relayed to the public through different forums to ensure that they are equipped with the relevant knowledge.I have explained specific aspects that relate to STD below.

Types of STD

Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis or Chlamydia are some of the common STDs.


This is the most popular STD. This STI has no scientific know cure up to date. Some drugs also referred to as ARVs are what that are given to help control its spread and its effects on the body.

A healthy balanced diet, physical exercises, taking drugs without fail is just but a few things to observe when living with this virus.It can be transmitted during sex, blood transfusion or from mother to child.

the only time a mother can transmit this virus to their little one is in cases where proper medical precautions not observed.The infant can only be breastfed with the mother’s milk for six months in an exclusive manner in infected mothers.

Condoms, abstaining or proper blood screening before any transmission is among the many preventative measures.


It is commonly spreading and affecting many people especially in the US.The good news is that most bacterium that causes it is treatable the only one that has proven resistant to medication. Gonorrhea is known to cause infertility in all genders if not treated early. Use of dental dams or condom or abstinence can help in its prevention.

All About Syphilis

If an infected patient takes too long to get treatment or does not get treated at all can cause severe damage to the body like brain damage. It can be spread through oral, anal or genital sex. There are so many STIs that can affect the human body, but the above are the most popular.

Examining the symptoms, testing and treatment of STD

Testing is easy and can be done in a laboratory by a certified health practitioner. Blood, urine or swab samples are drawn from the patient and tested. Whether it is a positive or negative result be sure to follow doctors’ orders in order to live healthy and well.

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